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Fairfax Global Academy runs very similarly to a "brick and mortar" school--the only difference is that our classes are online. Our program offers quality course material and instruction with support from live instructors and academic advisors for our students. It is our goal to incorporate dynamic methodologies and a variety of educational technologies to support a wide array of diverse learning styles.


Our curricular approach includes a variety of learning targets, open-ended assignments, weekly class discussion activities, collaborative activities, and hands-on lab assignments or projects.

Remote Learning

Online Education Approach

Students are given the opportunity to do their work at their own pace and in their own time, making it a great fit for students with busy schedules. Through our accredited online modules offered students can learn the content and complete all classwork, quizzes, tests, and projects. Our teachers are responsive via email and available to meet virtually with students at designated office hours each week so that no student is left behind in their coursework. College counseling and volunteer hour opportunities will be provided to students as well.

Course Reqs

Course Requirements

View our program's advancement requirements. For the full course catalog, click the button below.

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